Flat Twin & Earth 2C+E 7/1.35 10mm PVC/PVC White 450/750V

Olex 10mm Flat Twin & Earth Cable White 1mtr


Std Pack Size

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Flat Twin & Earth Cable, 2 Core & Earth, 10 mm, Stranded Copper, 450/750 Volt, 7/1.35 mm Strands, 4 mm Earth Conductor, 18.3 mm x 8.3 mm Overall Diameter, 1 mm Insulation Thickness, 1.2 mm Sheath Thickness, Conductor Resistance: DC: 1.83 Ohm/km, AC: 2.23 Ohm/km, Insulation Resistance: 9.9 MOhm/km, V-90 PVC Insulation, PVC Sheath, Red Black Green/Yellow Cores, White Sheath, 90 deg C, AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 5000.2

Additional Information

Additional Information
Brand Olex
Standard Pack Size 500
UNSPSC Class 26121600
Vendor Product CNCP13A1002WVAA
Conductor Type Stranded Copper
Conductor Resistance DC: 1.83 Ohm/km AC: 2.23 Ohm/km
Core Colours Red/Black/Green/Yellow
Insulation Material V-90 PVC
Insulation Thickness 1 mm
Insulation Resistance 9.9 MOhm/km
Overall Diameter 18.3 mm x 8.3 mm
Product Type Power Cable
Sheath Material PVC
Sheath Thickness 1.2 mm
Sheath Colour White
Standards AS/NZS 1125 AS/NZS 5000.2
Stranding 7/1.35 mm
Temperature 90 deg C
Voltage 450-750 Volt
Conductor Size 10 mm
Number of Cores 2 + Earth
Earth Conductor Size 4 mm

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